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26 June 2009 @ 06:16 pm
Title: Closure
Author: Jessica
Rating: PG
Word Count: 484
Warnings: None
Description: Continuation of Everyone Falls Apart. Eventually.

You’re walking around telling everyone you’re fine. Well honey, you’re only fooling yourself. Everyone knows the truth. Everyone knows it’s out to get you. It’s all a matter of time before your actions catch up to you. Because defiance doesn’t make you an adult. Responsibility does. I’m not talking responsibility of taking care of yourself. But taking care of others. Making sure your short time on this earth isn’t spent selfishly. That’s all you’re doing, being selfish. Sure you can plead the fifth and not speak a word, but everyone knows the truth. No one is out to get you.

So when there’s no one there to save you, where will you turn? You’ve pushed everyone miles away. Your calls of help cannot be heard. So you’ll struggle alone, miserable, and in pain. The only person you can blame is yourself. We all tried our best. But you were deemed dead and gone too soon. We all gave up, you said you didn’t care anymore. That you were happy and that’s all you needed. But you were wrong, I can feel it.

When you wake up that morning and realize your faults, no one will be there to protect you. No one to hold you when you fall. So you’ll crash, wondering where it all went wrong. I won’t say I told you so. I know better than that. I know better than to cripple you with my words. So I’ll just leave you alone. You won’t hear another word from me. I went to your funeral. I watched as they lowered your body into the brown dirt. I prayed at your grave for someone to save your soul. I know it probably wasn’t worth the effort, but I couldn’t help but think that maybe I could save you. I hoped I could be the one to save you from yourself.

I guess I was wrong. But I’ve been wrong about a lot of things lately. Don’t worry, you haven’t let me down. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything more from you. You’d let me down in the past. It was my own stupid judgment to think you could change. To think that you were a better person then you actually were. I know better now. I know how to tell the reals from the fakes, and you my dear, are the biggest fake I’ve met.

So this is my closure, nothing more, nothing less. I’m letting go. I’m going to stop calling, talking, or even caring. You’re dead to me. I’ve told you this before. I might as well be talking to a ghost. You’re gone, buried six feet under without a lingering thought. That’s where I’ve placed you in my mind. The next time we will meet will be in the sky, or maybe not at all. You’re too lost to find a resting place, too far gone to find closure.